Tom(boy) Sawyer: 9. Cold Fire, What’s Wrong With a Female Rogue

9.  Cold Fire: Tom(boy) Sawyer What’s Wrong With a Female Rogue?

“I’ll be around

If you don’t let me down

Too far.” (Rush)

Tom(boy) Sawyer is in the third weekend of performance. Audiences have been discussing the protagonist, Tom(asina). Some have problems with her viewpoint.

It’s interesting taking a story from one time period and bringing it to another. Mark Twain’s classic provided the bare bones for this play–the narrative episodes, and most of the characters. But his picaresque story featured a naughty boy, while mine boasts a naughty young woman.

“Boys will be boys,” is a familiar saying. But not, “Girls will be girls.” Boys get a pass in society that girls don’t.

Like Twain’s Tom, my Tom could be described as an “anti-heroine”; she doesn’t undergo a moral change; she doesn’t apologize for not following the rules. Maybe not the recipe for a model citizen, but what about a really interesting contemporary character?