Tom(boy) Sawyer: 7. Ghost of a Chance, Mr. Bingley

7.  Ghost of a Chance: Tom(boy) Sawyer, Mr. Bingley

“Somehow we find each other

Through all that masquerade

Somehow we found each other

Somehow we have stayed

In a state of grace.” (Rush)

Tom(boy) Sawyer is finishing up the second weekend of performance. It was a hot weekend. The air conditioning in the theatre failed. We had to cancel some shows. But we’re looking forward to a repair, and a cool final two weekends of rocking theatre!

And nothing is cooler than our cat: Mr. Bingley.

Mr. Bingley has absolutely nothing to do with the show. Except maybe that…he sometimes sits on the writer’s shelf…and inspires affection. He arrived via the Oregon Humane Society.

Rush’s lyrics are idiosyncratic. So, it seemed appropriate…to introduce Mr. Bingley.