Tom(boy) Sawyer: 6. Limelight, From “Backstage”

6. ¬†Limelight: Tom(boy) Sawyer From “Backstage”

“Living on a lighted stage

Approaches the unreal…” (Rush)

Tom(boy) Sawyer is in the second weekend of performance. Instead of watching from the audience, this is the first night I have stayed in the lobby during the show. At the Shoebox Theatre, however, there is no backstage; the dressing rooms are right off the lobby. In other words, the green room (where actors await their entrances and hang out), the backstage and the lobby are one and the same.

So sitting backstage in the lobby means that the actors make their entrances and exits, refresh makeup, get their next prop, grab a drink of water, meditate, run a few lines, listen carefully for their next cue, and even share an occasional smile.

They live a few minutes in the limelight for the audience. It’s a bit unreal watching them only when the audience doesn’t. The best moments, though, are when the audience’s laughter bounces off the stage and spills out. And then, finally, their applause.